Corporate Information


History: 1997 ~ Present

  • 2022

    C&C International Co., Ltd. awarded the “30 Million Dollar Export Tower”(December)

  • 2021

    Completed factory no. 3 (Green County) in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do(February)

    Selected as a Amore Pacific's authorized partner for hazardous substances testing(April)

    Listed on Korean Stock Exchange(KOSDAQ)(May)

    Receiving a Industrial Service Medal at Job Creation Merit Government Award(December)

  • 2020

    C&C International Co., Ltd. Wins Most Outstanding Partner Award (ODM category) from AmorePacific

    C&C International Co., Ltd. awarded the “20 Million Dollar Export Tower”

  • 2019

    Designated as a global small hidden champion in 2019(April)

    Hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for factory no. 3 in Yongin (Deokseong-ri, Yongin-si)(September)

  • 2018

    Acquired a production license from the Shanghai FDI for the subsidiary in China, and began production(May)

    Relocated head office to the Dongtan plant in Gyeonggi-do, acquired CGMP certification(September)

    Acquired CGMP (ISO 22716) certification for the subsidiary in China(November)

  • 2017

    Completed factory no. 2 (Purple County) in Dongtan, Gyeonggi-do

    Established a subsidiary in Shanghai, China

  • 2015

    Received an Export Tower (USD 5 million) and Presidential Award at the 52nd Citation on the 52nd Annual Trade Day event

  • 2014

    Acquired ISO 14001 (environmental management system) certification

    Acquired ISO 22176 certification

  • 2013

    Incorporated as C&C International

    Designated as a “Promising Small and Medium Business for Exporting Activities” (Gyeonggi Regional SMEs and Startups Office)

    Established an affiliated research institute (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

    Acquired ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certification

    Verified as a venture company (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)

    Awarded as a Corporation of Merit for the Regional Economy at the 40th Commerce and Industry Day (Governor of Gyeonggi-do)

  • 2012

    Confirmed plans to build a new plant in Suwon

  • 2010

    Acquired ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certification

  • 2002

    Relocated factory to Suwon

  • 1997

    Established C&C International

2000 ~ 2009

  • 2002.01

    Relocated factory to Suwon

1997 ~ 1999

  • 1997.01

    Established C&C International