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    The R&I Center at C&C International utilizes its outstanding researching personnel and an ODM development system specializing in color makeup products to focus on developing creative and innovative products capable of spearheading market trends, and satisfying constantly changing consumer needs.

    Furthermore, as a global corporation specializing in color makeup, the R&I Center continues to research core technologies, develop specialized products, and optimize production processes to help C&C International boosts its technical competitiveness on the international market. With continued investment in R&D, the R&I Center works extremely hard to develop products with the potential to create and lead new trends.

  • Technical Marketing Strategy System

  • Research and Development Product Type

    Solid Part

    Lip stick, lip gloss, lip tint, lip balm, concealer, stick shadow, etc.

    Emulsion Part

    Foundation, emulsion tint, mascara, eyeliner, etc.

    Powder Part

    Two-way cake, eye shadow, blusher, multicolor powder, etc.

    New Formula Part

    Functional cosmetics, new formula cosmetics, multi-functional cosmetics, etc.

  • Current Quality Certification Status

    ·Designated CGMP company
    (No. 159: Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices by MFDS)
    ·ISO 22716 International Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics
    ·ISO 9001 Quality Management System
    (Quality Management System)
    ·ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
    (Environmental Management System)
    ·ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System
    (Occupational Health & Safety Management System)